The Top 8 Highlights of a Pictured Rocks Cruises Tour

Some of the cliffs of the Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreSome of the cliffs of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. PC: Tim Trombley

Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore features sandstone cliffs, sea caves and formations that soar 50 to 200 feet above the immaculate Lake Superior shoreline, miles of white sandy beaches and dunes, an amazing trail system, and magical waterfalls.

Pictured Rocks Cruises touring the national lakeshorePictured Rocks Cruises touring the national lakeshore. PC: Tim Trombley

As the oldest tour company in Munising, Pictured Rocks Cruises offers daily trips to the best parts of the national lakeshore from mid-May to mid-October. Passengers are treated to stunning views of the colorful cliffs and sea caves that are stained by lake minerals, waterfalls, and other iconic landmarks.

10 Breathtaking Photos of Pictured Rocks



Lasting between 2 to 2 1/2 hours, each boat tour provides ample time to enjoy the breathtaking shoreline. While all points of interests in the Pictured Rocks are worth exploring, here are the top highlights of a Pictured Rocks Cruises tour:

Grand Island’s East Channel Lighthouse

East Channel Lighthouse on Grand IslandEast Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island. PC: @mi_playground

Since 1867, the East Channel Lighthouse has illuminated the path for incoming ships into Munising Bay. Situated along the southeast coast of Grand Island, the lighthouse is privately owned so you can only view it from the water. All Pictured Rocks Cruises’ tours sail by the beacon, giving passengers plenty of time to photograph the beautiful structure.

10 Breathtaking Photos of Pictured Rocks

Miners Castle

Miners CastleMiners Castle. PC: Craig Blacklock

While Miners Castle is the easiest formation in the Pictured Rocks park to access by land, seeing it from the water can’t be beaten. The formation initially had two turrets on top of it, making it appear like a natural castle. However, due to erosion over time, one of them plummeted into the lake in 2006.

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Bridalveil Falls

Bridalveil FallsBridalveil Falls. PC: Tim Trombley

Although Bridalveil Falls can be viewed from the distance of the lower Miners Castle overlook or from the west end of Miners Beach, you’ll cruise right by it on a boat tour. However, being a seasonal waterfall, it typically dwindles to a trickle by mid-summer.

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Lovers Leap

Lovers LeapLovers Leap. PC: Tim Trombley

Lovers Leap is a striking archway around 250-feet tall that stretches from the cliff line into Lake Superior. According to legend, a couple once leaped off the top of it to profess their love.

The Folklore of Pictured Rocks

Grand Portal Point

Grand Portal PointGrand Portal Point. PC: Craig Blacklock

Grand Portal Point was once an archway so vast that boats could sail through it. Unfortunately, the formation crumbled in 1906. Towering at 300-feet, it’s still a breathtaking site to enjoy in person.

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Spray Falls

Spray FallsSpray Falls. PC: @maymiejameson

Spray Falls tumbles 70 feet over cliffs before cascading into Lake Superior. Just beneath the falls, 20 feet underwater, lies the wreckage of the “Superior” ship that sank in 1856. To catch a glimpse of this magnificent waterfall, book the Spray Falls Cruise.

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Chapel Rock

Chapel RockChapel Rock. PC: Tim Trombley

This stunning remnant of Cambrian age sandstone was carved by high water some 3,800 years ago and was dubbed Chapel Rock by French explorers. There once was an archway connecting the rock to the mainland, but it collapsed in the 1940s. The lone white pine growing from atop Chapel Rock is estimated to be about 250 years old.

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The Best Sunsets

The cliffs illuminating on a sunset cruiseThe cliffs illuminating on a sunset cruise. PC: Tim Trombley

Embarking late in the day, the Sunset Cruise offers a stunning view of the Pictured Rocks cliffs bathed in the setting sun’s warm glow. Passengers can cherish the unforgettable experience of a picturesque Lake Superior twilight and a delightful evening all in one.

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