The Top 7 Waterfalls of Pictured Rocks

Miners FallsMiners Falls. PC: Instagrammer @saymermaid
You don’t have to travel far in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to find stunning waterfalls…the area is home to hundreds of them! With its proximity to the Great Lakes and countless streams and creeks, it’s no wonder the rural area is overflowing with these gorgeous sights. Many waterfalls can be found within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and are the result of water gushing over sandstone shelfs or cliffs called the Au Train Formation. From thunderous flows into gorges to cascading trickles into Lake Superior, here are seven of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Pictured Rocks:
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Easily Visited: Munising Falls

Munising Falls, one of the best waterfalls near Munising, MIMunising Falls. PC: Instagrammer @my_michigan_moments

This gorgeous 50-foot waterfall can be enjoyed year-round and is easily accessible! Walk the paved 800-foot trail up a shaded canyon along Munising Creek to the base of the falls. There are two sets of stairs that lead to platforms for additional views as it drops over a sandstone cliff.


Gorgeous Cascade into Lake Superior: Spray Falls

Spray FallsSpray Falls. PC: Instagrammer @stephanieleight

Spray Falls plunges about 70 feet over the Pictured Rocks cliffs directly into Lake Superior. The 1856 shipwreck “Superior” lies at the base of the falls in 20 feet of water. To get this view of this waterfall, book a Spray Falls tour with Pictured Rocks Cruises – an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service!

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Fantastic Hike to Waterfall: Miners Falls

Miners FallsMiners Falls. PC: Instagrammer @meredithlee3

Miners Falls is a fast-flowing cascade that drops about 50 feet over a sandstone outcrop and is accessible in the spring – fall. It is the most powerful waterfall in the Pictured Rocks park! After walking roughly .6-mile (one way) along a gravel and dirt path through the forest along the Miners Basin, you’ll discover two overlooks. There are 64 steps down to the lower viewing platform at the falls.

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Located close to Miners Castle and Miners Beach, this is a great area to see some of the best sights the park has to offer!


A Long Pictured Rocks Waterfall: Sable Falls

Sable FallsSable Falls. PC: Instagrammer @michigan_girly

Sable Falls is accessible spring – fall and tumbles 75 feet over a cascading slope of Munising and Jacobsville sandstone formations on its way to Lake Superior. Although the trail from the parking area to the staircase is a short walk, the best viewing is from the bottom of a long staircase of 168 steps. The trail continues past the falls for a short walk to a beautiful rock beach.

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This waterfall is just miles down the road from Grand Marais. Check out the towering Grand Sable Dunes and Log Slide while you’re in the area, too!


A Towering Trickle: Bridalveil Falls

Bridalveil FallsBridalveil Falls. PC: Instagrammer @ mgcubba

As one of the many highlights on a Pictured Rocks Cruises tour, Bridalveil Falls is viewed best from the water. Though, it can also be seen in the distance from the lower Miners Castle overlook or from the west end of Miners Beach. This is a seasonal waterfall that usually slows to a trickle by mid-summer.

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A Challenging, Reward Hike: Mosquito Falls

Mosquito FallsMosquito Falls. PC: National Park Service

Mosquito Falls drops over an 8-foot-high rock shelf on the Mosquito River and is found by hiking a 3-mile loop in the Chapel and Mosquito basin area. While it’s a beautiful area in the springtime with wildflowers lining the path, the trail is very muddy and rough. The black flies are also vicious from spring until mid-summer, so be prepared and bring bug spray.


Tucked into the Forest: Chapel Falls

Chapel FallsChapel Falls. PC: Instagrammer @ michigansherry

Chapel Falls – a gorgeous 60-foot-high waterfall – is also found in the Chapel and Mosquito basin area after a 1.2-mile walk in the forest. The trail is on an old roadbed with several small hills. There are two viewing platforms along the way that provide views of the scenic Chapel Basin.

As you can see, Chapel Falls is particularly stunning in the autumn season!


Taking the Next Step to See Pictured Rocks Waterfalls

Bridalveil FallsBridalveil Falls. Photo by MI Playground.

Most of the park’s main waterfalls can be accessed on foot or by boat. Please use caution while hiking to any waterfalls and stay on the trails and watch for uneven footing. Want to go for a trek with your dog? Find pet-friendly trails!

Whether you’re yearning for a serene walk in the woods or relishing in the scenes from the water, the waterfalls in the Pictured Rocks offer some of the best sights in the world.

Top 7 Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Map

Blue waterfalls are best and easiest seen from the water, while green waterfalls are located in forests!

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