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Pictured Rocks in the fall. PC: Instagram user @alia_jamilaPictured Rocks in the fall. PC: Instagram user @alia_jamila

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s that time of year again when we ponder what to give the ones we love. Rather than giving a physical gift, looking forward to a shared experience with a loved one is a sure way to keep your spirits warm during the cold winter! This year, give the gift of adventure with Pictured Rocks Cruises gift cards, perfect for all ages and walks of life – they’re guaranteed to make memories to last a lifetime. Up until December 31st, 2023, you can save up 20% off each type of cruise with our holiday gift certificate special.

Pictured Rocks Cruises passes by towering cliffsPictured Rocks National Lakeshore is best viewed from the water, on a boat tour from Munising, MI.

Enormous sandstone cliffs, majestic beaches with pink sand, deep forests, sand dunes, and waterfalls make up the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, the national lakeshore extends 42-miles along the gorgeous turquoise waters of Lake Superior. While there are many hiking trails throughout the park, the best way to see Pictured Rocks is by water on a kayak or cruise boat. With gift certificates available for each activity, plan your vacation now by booking ahead of time.

2023 Holiday Special: 20% Off Gift Certificates

Why They’ll Love Pictured Rocks Cruises Gift Cards

A Pictured Rocks Cruise passes Chapel Rock in Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreChapel Rock is one of the highlights of a Pictured Rocks Cruise, with a 250 year old tree growing atop the incredible formation. PC: Abby Rahn

View brilliantly colored cliffs, sea caves, and pristine beaches aboard Pictured Rocks Cruises. Experience the same cruise that has been delighting passengers for over 70 years! Lovers Leap, Indian Head, Miners Castle, and Chapel Rock are just a few of the natural landmarks seen on this cruise.

10 Breathtaking Photos of Pictured Rocks

Spray Falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore around sunsetOn a Spray Falls Sunset cruise, guests can see the spectacular waterfall as the last rays of sunshine sparkle in its cascade.

Pictured Rocks Cruises offers three tours for guests: the Classic Cruise, the Spray Falls Cruise, and the Sunset Spray Falls Cruise. Each tour offers intimate views of the East Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island, Miners Castle, Lovers Leap, and other park landmarks. The Spray Falls Cruise takes passengers a little farther along the lakeshore to an additional waterfall – Spray Falls. Experience the stunning sight of the sun rays cascading along the rock face on the Sunset Cruises. Cruises vary from 2 to 3 hours long, each traveling approximately 40 miles round-trip.Gift cards can be purchased year-round and are found here.

Paddle Along the Pictured Rocks

PC: Pictured Rocks KayakingPC: Pictured Rocks Kayaking

While hiking or taking a boat cruise along the Pictured Rocks certainly gives explorers an intimate feel, kayaking near the rocks brings paddlers so close to the cliffs that they can touch them while gliding through magical sea caves.

Paddling through sea caves in Pictured Rocks National LakeshorePaddling through sea caves with Pictured Rocks Kayaking.

Pictured Rocks Kayaking provides the only off-shore launch – which means rather than taking off from land, kayakers cruise from Munising Bay aboard a kayak-launching boat and are released into Lake Superior just past Painted Coves. You can skip hours of paddling and get straight to the best parts. Once finished with the paddling portion of the trip, kayakers board the boat for a ride back to shore, leisurely gazing at the colorful cliffs. Bathrooms are available on board.

Watch the Off-Shore Launch!

When you tour Pictured Rocks by kayak, you see 13 stunning points of interest, paddling from Cave of All Colors to Chapel Rock. Purchase a gift certificate at any time here.

Pictured Rocks Kayaking Gift Certificates

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Sandstone Cliffs of Pictured Rocks. PC: Tim Trombley<Sandstone Cliffs of Pictured Rocks. PC: Tim Trombley

Share the gift of an unparalleled experience and get something that friends and family will remember forever. Watch out: you’ll probably get more than a few pictures sent your way!

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